Relationship Management

Building long term relationships with retail partners

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Infrastructure Investment

Investing in our organization to better server our brand partners

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Sales Analysis

Identifying trends and improving sales performance through data analytics

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Business Planning

Achieving sales goals through forecasting and sales strategy

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Experiential Training

Consistent hands-on staff training to enhance brand knowledge and product education

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Vested Leadership

Dedicated to the causes that benefit our retailers, brands, industry and passions. 

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The Ascension Mission

Ascension Sales LLC strives to establish and nurture enduring relationships with retailers by providing unmatched service fueled by our knowledge of the sports we serve, cultivating passion as deep as our own among retail owners, buyers, and customers.  The outdoor industry is ever-changing and we believe the future of specialty retail lies in the ability to sell technical products to an ever more educated consumer. Our job is to provide your staff the knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm it takes to create a one of a kind customer experience in your store.  Simply put, we strive to make your staff the experts on our brands and products.

Who We Are

” You are passionate about your company and the products you make. Ascension Sales Group knowns how to sell that passion to the consumer.”

Contact Us

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